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About the club

Holmen Athletic Booster Club
P.O. BOX 363
Holmen, WI 54636

President: Dan Anderson, 608-386-6762
Vice President: Aaron Torud, 608-386-9743
Secretary: Becky Dehli, 608-797-3798
Treasurer: Greg Imhoff, 608-790-4243
Board Members: Cindy Jerome, 678-480-9314; Bob Netwal, 608-780-9597; Dennis Burnikel, 608-792-7466;
Leslie Roth, 608-792-7413; Dave Molling, 608-317-0076; Gayle Burnikel, 608-792-7630

Youth Basketball Coordinator: Greg Imhoff, 608-790-4243
Advertising: Greg Imhoff, 608-790-4243
MVC Website: www.gomvc.org
HHS Activities Office: 608-526-9208

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